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ALE Launches Second AL.SK190 Crane

p8189680_webDue to the success of the AL.SK190 over the past three years ALE has introduced its second machine of this kind. At ALE’s R&D facility in Breda, the Netherlands, the crane was tested with a 3,600t load, claimed the world’s heaviest lift by a land based crane with 120m boom length. The second 4,300t capacity AL.SK190 is a duplicate of the original world’s largest capacity land based crane, launched in 2008.

The AL.SK crane fleet is equipped with a standard quick winch system for weights of up to 600t and a strand jack lifting system for loads of up to 5000t. Ronald Hoefmans, executive director – ALE, said: “The AL.SK190 has been the world’s largest capacity crane since 2008; with such global success it became evident that ALE needed to develop a second crane of this kind to meet the increasing demand. The second crane will provide ALE with the advantage to take on more projects and be more flexible with project programmes.”

Recent Success
The success of the AL.SK190 was evident during a recent project in Port Arthur, Houston, where the AL.SK190 lifted the derrick in what was the first time a complete derrick assembly consisting of triple drill towers and cutting deck, had been removed and replaced in a single piece with the crane positioned away from the coke pit. This project also highlighted the crane’s ability to save both time and money. The lifting radius of the AL.SK190 meant that the crane could be rigged off plot, the result being that no permanent equipment in the refinery had to be dismantled and the coke pit wall did not have to be removed saving considerable amounts of time and cost to the client.