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Dragonis Concept


The Draconis Concept is the final thesis of Maila Speitkamp in the subject of industrial design at the University Duisburg-Essen in Germany. Maila convinced the highly respected professionals of the judging panel at the World Superyacht Awards on Saturday 16 May at London’s historic venue Guildhall. The award recognizes the achievement of an outstanding young designer and the potential impact of their work on current or future designs for the superyacht industry. The Draconis concept is an over 40m long catamaran with high-tech-wingsails, which can form asymmetrical profiles on either side. The exterior design impresses with great automotive surfaces, transparencies and structures. The independent panel of judges commented that Maila’s project seemed to embody a direction for the current age: understated, ingenious and original, and an undeniable connection with the sea. In the beginning of 2008 Maila Speitkamp founded the company IDuo Design in Essen, Germany. The design office has its focus on product and yacht design.