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Large Order for Corrosion & Water Control


Corrosion & Water Control B.V.  has received an order to supply 140 PCs ICCP systems, for each single windmill of the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm. All will be connected by special developed software, which will monitor and control the whole process.The Greater Gabbard Offshore wind farm is the world’s largest offshore wind farm project (500 MW) to move into the construction phase and will be built approximately 25 km off the Suffolk coast at the United Kingdom. The construction work started in summer 2009 and features 140 wind turbines each having a rated capacity of 3.6 MW. The turbines are mounted on steel monopiles and transition pieces in water depths between 24 and 34 meters.

The selection of the optimal cathodic protection system was based on extensive computer modelling. The simulation campaign compared ICCP, SACP as well as combined approaches against operating parameters taking into account calcareous layer erosion, flow rate dependant polarisation behaviour and layers with changing resistivity.