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TORO Personnel Transfer Device


Recognized as the global expert in marine personnel transfer, Reflex Marine recently launched its revolutionary TORO personnel transfer device to the US market with a demonstration, hosted by its service partner, Energy Cranes, at its facility in Houston, Texas. Following close consultation within the industry, the company set out to develop a low cost transfer device to reach a broader market, but still maintain high levels of passenger protection and operational performance. The TORO can carry up to four passengers, protecting them from side impacts and heavy landings, and is buoyant and self-righting.  Reflex Marine prides itself for having developed the most rigorous testing and verification programme applied within the industry. The TORO is certified with CE marking and is ABS Type Approved.


reflex-marine-1_small1The demonstration day itself went very well and was attended by key industry personnel. Reflex Marine’s US Representative, Brian Morr (right), said, “We have listened to our potential clients in the USA in order to address the needs and preferences of the US Gulf market. I believe the TORO will be very well-received by US companies with its key features of ease of use, intuitive ride experience and its excellent safe operating envelope.” Philip Strong (left), Managing Director of Reflex Marine was also in attendance at the US launch and is keen to continue promoting the TORO globally. Mr. Strong, said: “Safe marine personnel transfer is of the utmost importance to us.  We believe the TORO will increase the overall adoption rate of higher specification crew transfer equipment globally and protect more workers from unnecessary injury.”