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Wave Piercing Technology


Rolls-Royce is bringing the benefits of wave piercing technology to the offshore market with its new UT 790 CD vessel design. With wave piercing technology the hull pierces through the water rather than riding on top of the waves, allowing the vessel to run continuously at service speeds regardless of the sea state, reducing fuel consumption and improving crew comfort. At speeds of 14 knots and violent storm conditions (9 m significant wave height), tank tests have shown no water above forecastle deck level. In extreme wave heights, water will be visible at the forecastle long before the situation gets critical, giving the captain an early warning which allows him to reduce power to maintain generous safety margins. The UT 790 CD is a deepwater anchor handling vessel. A main aim in the design process has been to design an inherently stable vessel that also feels instinctively stable. The vessel meets all existing regulations from the Norwegian Maritime Directorate and all latest international regulations such as SOLAS2009 and Special Purpose Vessel codes and regulations.