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Education Progamme ‘International Contracting’

TiasNimbas has launched an education programme called ‘International Contracting’. This programme focuses on organizations operating in the offshore and construction industry. These organizations work in an environment where contracts play an essential role defining mutual rights and duties between parties involved as well as benefits to be gained from collaboration. Due to challenges such as an increase in contract size, complexity and the degree of subcontractor involvement, the increased international dimension and consequent legal, commercial and cultural differences between contract parties and the  increasingly diverse and differentiated forms of collaboration, contract management becomes even more important as a way of creating value for organizations in every part of the supply chain. In order to deal with these challenges and facilitate value creation through contract management, TiasNimbas Business School has developed the International Contracting Programme together with a consortium of partners in the off-shore and construction industry: Ballast-Nedam, Boskalis, and Heerema.