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Immersion Suit Servicing

wssimmersion_webThe change in IMO regulations that came into force in 2006 caused a spike in the sales of immersion suits, and as a result these new suits are now due for their first service. Wilhelmsen Ships Service has prepared accordingly and now offers one of the most comprehensive immersion suit servicing operations available via its global network of over 50 locations capable of offering immersion suit service. The network provides a range of fast and efficient service options that help minimize time spent in port for vessels of all types.The core service is that of inspection as required by the IMO regulations. If a suit fails to meet the necessary requirements then it can be repaired or, if necessary, replaced. In major ports service centres can also offer customers the option of holding additional complete sets of suits, thereby enabling a ship on a tight schedule to simply exchange its onboard suits for fully serviced replacements, which can then be processed ashore in the normal fashion. The third option is of straightforward loans or temporary replacements.

IMO regulations with regard to immersion suits are rigorous, with crew required to perform onboard monthly tests. More significantly, however, the regulations also require that every three years each suit be subjected to an air-pressure test to check the integrity of the seams and closures, and it is recommended by the IMO that this take place at a shore-based facility with staff trained and equipped to carry out any necessary repairs.