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Jackpot Orders


This month Perini Navi has signed two important contracts for the sale of a 50m sailing yacht, and a 73.30m motor yacht of its Picchiotti-Vitruvius series. The Perini Navi Group, which has entered the motor yacht market only two years ago with the relaunching of its Picchiotti brand, celebrates the third contract for the new Picchiotti Vitruvius series. This confirms the extraordinary reception awarded to this new line of motor yachts. The first two models, a 50 m and a 55 m, are currently under construction in the group’s facilities. The two contracts, one for the Far East market and another for the American market, reinforce the leadership of the Italian shipyard in Viareggio. Delivery of the 50 m sailing yacht, designed by Perini Navi in collaboration with Ron Holland, is planned for 2012, while the 73.30m motor yacht, designed by Philippe Briand, will be completed in late 2013.