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Oleg Strashnov Launched

Oleg Strashnov

On Saturday 22 August 2009 the heavy lift vessel Oleg Strashnov for Seaway Heavy Lifting was launched at the IHC Merwede Offshore & Marine facility in Krimpen aan den IJssel, the Netherlands. With its 5,000t crane capacity the vessel is the largest monohull heavy lift vessel in the world and is the largest vessel ever built by IHC Merwede. The keel of the vessel was laid on 3 April 2008. Oleg Strashnov is designed for the installation and removal of offshore platforms, subsea constructions and special projects. The introduction of this heavy lift vessel to the market will provide Seaway Heavy Lifting with another versatile vessel and will more than double the company’s capacity.On 22 and 24 August the deckhouse of the Oleg Strashnov was transported to the yard in Krimpen aan den IJssel in two separated parts. Shortly after this the total deckhouse was lifted on the vessel. Then the helicopter landing platform was placed on top of the bridge complex. For the construction and completion of the deckhouse a complete subcontractor village including project support has been set up near the hall. It does not often happen that such a large deckhouse is built within IHC Merwede. The accommodation is suitable to provide accommodation for 220 persons in mainly one and two person cabins. The upper part of the deckhouse has a width of approximately 29 m, a length of 42 m and a height of 16 m. The lower part has a width of approximately 29 m, a length of 42 m and a height of 6,5 m. The weight that was to be lifted is approximately 1,775 t.

Offshore Industry Volume 1, Issue 2 featured an in-depth article on the design criteria of Oleg Strashnov and ShipBuilding Industry Volume 3, Issue 6 will feature a comprehensive ship report on Oleg Strashnov.