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2010 Mandatory USA Efficiency Class For AC Motors


As from 19 December 2010, It will no longer be possible to export numerous types of alternating current (AC) motors to the USA. Aproco BV, the Baldor – Reliance motor distributor in the Netherlands, has a digital White Book available, that provides answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the ‘Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) 2007’. Copies can be obtained by sending an e-mail to info@aproco.nl.New efficiency standards are being introduced for various types, including explosion-proof motors, heavy duty motors and brake motors from 1 to 500 HP. Any non-compliant AC motor produced after this date will be returned immediately on arrival in America, including end products containing non-compliant motors. Canada is to follow a year later. According to plans and expectations Europe will adopt the legislation containing energy efficient motors in 2015.

AC motors will have to meet the ‘Premium Efficiency’ standard (Efficiency Classes IEC 60034-30, with the efficiency threshold IE3) if they are to be implemented and supplied. Manufacturers will be wise to modify their final products in good time. Via the Aproco website it is possible to enter the data of the motors currently in use and by using the AC Motors Power Search a Premium Efficiency replacement will automatically appear. Also a complete listing of compliant Baldor motors is available. All Baldor Super-E motors, a product line comprising around 1,000 different models, meet or exceed the ‘Premium Efficiency’ requirements laid down by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).