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Best Renewable Energy Company

John SinclairSubocean Group has won a top renewables accolade at a prestigious business awards ceremony. The Group, which is one of the UK’s largest market leaders in specialist high performance subsea cable installation and burial solutions, was named the best Renewable Energy company at the Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce’s Northern Star awards. Managing director of Subocean Group, John Sinclair, said: “To be recognized as a leader in renewables is a tribute to the commitment and achievements of our team who have helped Subocean surpass its growth within the last year. We hope Subocean inspires other companies in the North-east to consolidate their oil and gas expertise for the future prosperity of the region and, indeed, towards achieving Scotland and Europe’s renewable targets.”

The Renewable Energy award recognizes a company which can best demonstrate its success in developing and securing new business using innovative technology, equipment and business processes. Subocean Group is playing a vital role towards positioning Aberdeen and, indeed, Scotland as a global leader in renewable energy by pushing the boundaries of marine and offshore wind sectors. The company has successfully become one of the UK’s largest market leaders in the renewables sector after carving out a niche for itself as specialists in high performance subsea cable installation and burial solutions. The Group has won high-profile contracts and is making substantial investments in the future.

In the past twelve months, the company has surpassed its estimated annual growth of GBP 40 million worth of renewables contracts by GBP100 million, underlining its success particularly during challenging economic times. It has also created 75 new jobs and doubled the size of its Aberdeen headquarters. Subocean recognized the potential for renewable energy as early as 2005 when the subsea construction company was established. The company developed a business strategy which included transferring its oil and gas expertise to the renewables sector and progressively making substantial investments in people and specialist equipment.