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Lifebuoy Shooting Unit


Lift Emotion BV has made a special solution for stowing the lifebuoy and smoke pot on board ships and yachts. Where the visual aspect is getting more and more important, it is sometimes difficult to hide a much needed safety item like a lifebuoy and the attached smoke pot. Lift Emotion has designed a special solution that gives the designer the freedom of placing the lifebuoy out of visual range within the bulwark of the ship. Another keen advantage of this system is that it can be deployed locally but also on the bridge. This way, when a man is overboard, people can deploy the unit from the bridge, saving precious time. The whole system is thought out for easy installation loading and unloading. All materials used are rigid and suitable to withstand the harsh conditions of a salty environment. The basic materials are steel and composite, but the unit can also be delivered with a light weight composite hatch/coming and hinges, making the interface to the vessel even more easy. How does it work? When somebody pushes the release button, the hatch opens, the lifebuoy shoots out trough stored energy of multiple springs and at the same time the lifebuoy will also pull away the smoke pot. The unit working on compressed air has an accumulator for safety. So when the ship’s air supply is failing, the unit can still be activated.