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Non-Profit Counter-Piracy Organization

mmwc_webClaimed to be a step-change for the international maritime industry’s escalating war against piracy, the Merchant Maritime Warfare Centre (MMWC), a UK based, non-profit organization staffed by experienced maritime security specialists has just opened its doors.

MMWC has been established to provide certificated counter-piracy training and ongoing operational support, to enable members to adopt a coordinated, structured and sustainable approach to mitigating the financial, operational and human impact of piracy. MMWC provides land-based management teams – those that deal with pirates should an event occur – with extensive training at the world-class MMWC training centre. The MMWC management team course is a world first that gives shore based managers a full understanding of what the ship’s operating crew will be going through in high risk areas.

nick_davis_webBased in Poole, Dorset, a world centre of maritime security excellence, the non-profit Merchant Maritime Warfare Centre (MMWC) is the brainchild of maritime security expert Nick Davis. It offers a new, comprehensive approach to counter-piracy services, founded on the fundamental principle that definitive, consistent information and certification based training is the only way for the merchant maritime industry to mitigate the human, financial and operational impacts of piracy, armed robbery and terrorism.

MMWC offers a comprehensive training and information based membership programme that delivers certification at all organizational levels. Its world-class UK training centre includes the latest virtual bridge simulation infrastructure and software, associated classroom facilities, and access to vessels and a dedicated operations zone to provide full on-water simulation. All MMWC trainers and operatives are STCW 95 qualified international ex-naval personnel, with direct experience of maritime piracy.

MMWC is working with the maritime insurance industry to gain appropriate accreditation of its certification programme, and to offer compliance benefits to its members.