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Providing Vsat To Japanese Shipping

marlink_webMarlink has become the first VSAT provider to receive Japanese radio license approval for its Sealink VSAT solution. The license comes via Intelsat International Systems LLC, owner of the satellites used by Sealink. Having issued a radio license to Intelsat, the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has approved the Sealink ESV (Earth Station on board Vessel), which will enable Sealink VSAT to be installed onboard the Japanese flagged tanker Nichihiko.

Once installed with Sealink, the Nissho Shipping Co, Ltd., operated vessel Nichihiko, will become the first Japanese flag tanker to be installed with a VSAT solution with ESV approved by the MIC. In addition to Nichihiko, Marlink will install its Sealink services onboard three other Panama flag tankers which are managed by Nissho Odyssey Ship Management Pte Ltd., Singapore-based manager of Nissho Shipping Co., Ltd.

“This is a major step towards providing VSAT mobile broadband on a truly global scale. Following our new agreement with Nissho Odyssey Ship Management Pte Ltd.,  we are in a strong position to provide VSAT services to other Japanese shipping companies, further expanding our presence in this important region,” comments Tom Erling Hansen, Director Asia, Marlink. “Providing high quality, reliable connectivity at a fixed predictable cost, Sealink is a cost-effective satellite communications solution for customers with high bandwidth requirements, which makes it ideally suited to the merchant shipping industry worldwide.”