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Colombo Electric Fast Boat

colombo_webGiacomo Colombo S.p.A., in collaboration with the Austrian dealer Ortner Boote, has built a special electric version of the 24 Super Indios in the new white version with teak wood finishing. The electric version has a specially modified hull, while the deck, the cockpit and the accessories are the same of the gasoline version.

The 24 Super Indios uses a high power electric 70kW engine, that allows it to reach about 20 knots. The electric motor provides a ready and powerful thrust that can be adjusted smoothly thanks to electronic throttle control. Mooring the 7.23m boat, going from forward to back gear takes place without any additional mechanical components. In less than six hours it can be charged by using a double charging circuit with two connections to shore power. Normally, proceeding at different speeds, it can ride for more than 4 hours. At 11 knots cruising speed it is possible to cover about 25 miles.