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First Order for Five Voith Radial Propellers

ImageVoith is developing a new marine propulsion system for installation into a special vessel used for setting up offshore wind parks. From idea to contract signature in eigtheen months – this is how the success story of the new mainstay in the marine business of Voith Turbo can be summarized. With the development of the Voith Radial Propellers (VRP) rated at 5.5 MW, Voith enters new territory and ventures into the market for moving and positioning oil platforms as well as drillships and special vessels.

The contract, which was signed last week, covers the delivery of five propellers for a special vessel that will consequently be capable of transporting concrete foundations weighing over 7,000 t and positioning them with high precision directly in the open seas. The concrete platforms will be lowered onto the bottom of the sea by a special crane. The advantage of these heavyweight foundations is that they do not require anchoring. Weighing over 80 t and measuring approximately 8 m in height, the Voith Radial Propellers will ensure sufficiently fast propulsion (the special vessel is capable of approximately 10 knots at full load). Owing to their 360°-steerability around the outer parts of the vessel whose design resembles that of a drilling platform, they also allow highly accurate positioning, even in bad weather and when conditions at sea are rough.

VRPThe construction group STRABAG has ordered five such Voith Radial Propellers from Voith for the construction of this special vessel. Four propellers will be installed in the ship, another one will be kept as replacement unit. The five VRPs will be delivered by February 2011. Still in the same year, so is the plan, the Cuxhaven-based special vessel will enter service.