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Lancia di Lancia

lancia-di-lancia_webTogether, the Sacs shipyard, Fiat Powertrain Technologies, Martini and Lancia have come up with what they call the first genuine Gran Turismo of the seas: Lancia di Lancia.

Designed by Christian Grande, the hull measures 13.10 m in length and has a considerable beam of  3.83 m, in order to gain a good relation between performance and comfort. The weight/power ratio of about 7.5 kg/hp makes the rib very sporty. The two engines FPT N67-560 are ‘best in class’ in their category. The surface drive JMD, also used in racing, demonstrates the search for a high dynamic efficiency, not only to achieve high speed, but also to reduce fuel consumption. The cruising speed ranges between 15 and 45 knots, while the maximum speed in an ideal set-up reaches 55 knots.

The hull and the color are in perfect Lancia style. The ‘capote’ fits the rib profile perfectly and it’s possible to remain standing even when the roof is closed. The front windshield has a vertical opening and allows the passage to the bow deck. The tubes permit to move easily in limited spaces without using fenders and above all makes the rib unsinkable.The passengers are protected by interior topside of considerable height.

Outside, the retractable LCD TV and the kitchen complete the arrangement. Modern forms and materials state the character of the interior, where the living room easily becomes a berth for two. The air conditioning allows going under deck when it’s too hot. The bathroom is minimal and at the same time impeccable, with a shower that suggestively illuminates the water with colored LED lights.