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Racing Boom

nordicmast_webBased on the product success and racing experience of the Performance Box Boom launched earlier this year and aimed at boat sizes 37-50 feet, Nordic Mast A/S have released another Performance Box Boom aimed at boat sizes 50-65 feet.

Jeremy Palmer designer and project manager at Nordic Mast “We use the concept of the Performance Box Boom we launched in January and have optimised the shape slightly to keep the weight of the boom to a minimum.  This new boom will be used on the Farr 55, which in addition will also have high modulus carbon fibre mast, spreaders in carbon, a custom fitted rig and where possible textile attachments, rather than metal ones, all of the above to minimize the weight.” The Farr 55 will be launched with its new mast and fittings early 2010. (Photo courtesy Per Heegaard)