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Vitruvius 73.3m Contract

vitruvius_webPerini Navi has signed a major contract for the sale of a 73.3m motor yacht, a further endorsement of the remarkable reception awarded to the launch of the new Vitruvius line of motor yachts designed by Philippe Briand.

The Vitruvius 73.3m Explorer is designed with profound respect for the environment and care for the wellbeing of the human body and mind. The optimized hull design reduces drag and therefore decreases fuel consumption, thus reducing the carbon footprint. The diesel-electric propulsion further reduces fuel consumption and drastically reduces the noise levels. The yacht features state-of-the-art waste treatment systems, all in tune with the owners’ eco-conservational interests.

It was the explicit wish of the owner for the yacht to be a safe haven of peace and well being for everybody on board. The yacht has a spa and hydrotherapy zones, as well as meditation and yoga areas including quiet private reading places. She includes a pottery room and kiln, enabling creative urges to be satisfied as the owners sail the world’s oceans. There are two fully equipped fitness areas to keep guests as well as the crew in top shape.