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‘Streets of Monaco’ Superyacht

superyacht_monacoIn order to showcase its capabilities, Yacht Island Design has set about developing several concept proposals. The first of these is ‘The Streets of Monaco’. This is a 155m SWATH yacht built predominantly in steel with the use of aluminium in the upper superstructure. With a maximum speed of 15 knots she transports her 70 crew and 16 guests using diesel electric propulsion.

The design theme called for a unique yacht that reflected the style and sophistication of the principality and centres around three main communal areas, ‘The Streets of Monaco’, ‘The Oasis’ and ‘The Grand Atrium’. Yacht Island Design has been formed by a creative team who are driven by a passion to deliver something different. That difference is themed yachts. The art of producing a themed yacht is to seamlessly weave a story into every element of the design and is achieved via extensive consultation with the client during the initial phases of the design process. This focus allows the creation of a truly unique environment from the overall exterior shape down to the smallest interior detail. Yacht Island Design’s attention to detail is shown in the first proposal, a 155m SWATH vessel that takes the principality of Monaco to the ocean.

Yacht Island Design has selected the SWATH platform as its prime focus. Not only does this platform offer the best seakeeping ability but the exceptionally wide beam for its length gives the maximum flexibility to achieve best utilisation of space. It also allows for the exploration of bold and daring design ideas without the restrictions of a conventional hull shape. Yacht Island Design are in collaboration with BMT Nigel Gee on several SWATH proposals. As the world’s leading independent provider of naval architecture and engineering to the large yacht industry they bring significant experience in the naval architecture of SWATH vessels.