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BMT Addresses Taiwanese Offshore Wind Farm Risks

wind-farm_offshore-industryBMT Asia Pacific and BMT Nigel Gee have announced completion of a major project supporting the development of Taiwan’s offshore wind ambitions. Commissioned by Taiwanese Government agencies, and working alongside with Wind Prospect Ltd, BMT has assisted in developing practical guidelines to facilitate offshore wind development in an efficient, cost-effective and risk aware manner.  Currently, the Taiwan government ispromoting wind energy. 

In addition, the Taiwan government has got a particular focus on offshore development. This is an essential requirement given Taiwan’s mountainous terrain and limited available terrestrial sites. New offshore demonstration projects are to be supported by the government, and larger sites developed by the private sector in a bid to boost total wind output to 4.2 GW by 2030. As part of this push BMT is providing the strategic planning and technology development guidance required to exploit the significant offshore renewable resource. A key deliverable of this project has been a set of guidelines which replicate best practice within Europe, whilst recognising the particular challenges of offshore wind in Taiwan.

Current State
The guidelines review the current state of the offshore wind market and key hazards typically associated with project development. A systematic risk management framework is used to assist the identification, evaluation and treatment of risks. From evaluating the impacts of wind yield, shipping activity, to operations and maintenance safety, the guidelines provide a template for local Taiwanese stakeholders to build on as they take their projects forward.

Not the First
This project is not the first in this field or market for BMT, having previously delivered guidelines on the development of feasibility studies for offshore wind development in Taiwan. BMT has also been active elsewhere in Asia providing support for developers in planning and de-risking their projects with ongoing projects in Hong Kong, where BMT has assisted development of two offshore farms of 100 MW and 200 MW capability.