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Trieadrieame – Dutch Innovation of a Multi-hull


A Dutch innovation of a multi-hull introduces a whole new way of sailing: faster, safer, more comfortable and sustainable. A revolutionary breakthrough in the world of ship design.

This innovative multi-hull is comprised of three slim hulls and wings. Not only does it make this model faster than the traditional mono hulls, it provides a more larger deck surface and a significantly more spacious interior of the boat as well. Furthermore, this multi-hull turned out safer than a catamaran or trimaran.

The design by Mr. G.J. Bilkert and his business companion Mr. M.G. Reissenweber has been granted with various subsidies by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Naval architects “Van Oossanen B.V.”, located in Wageningen, developed and optimized this design since 2010 till the very detail, using state of the art computer simulations.

Van Oossanen compared both resistance and speed of the Trieadrieame with existing motor yachts and a well-known 50′ sailing boat. The slim hulls have little water resistance in both sailing and motor yacht models and easily reach speeds of twenty knots depending on the engine power or sail size. It makes this model significantly faster than the traditional mono-hull under similar circumstances.

The specific model of the hull provides stability of the Trieadrieame, even with higher angles of inclination. The hull shows a positive stability at an angle of inclination of more than 90 degrees. This means a significant improvement in comparison with the usually fast but instable catamarans and trimarans.

Statistics show an average decrease of more than 30% in fuel consumption when used in a motor yacht. It proves the economy of this multi-hull. The combination of lower fuel costs, larger living space and more safety adds to the commercial attractiveness of the concept. With some modifications the model also is suitable for commercial shipping, ferries and navy ships.

The designers applied for a patent for their ingenious model. They are now looking for professional investors to help them develop a prototype.

The Trieadrieame is suitable for both sailing- and motor yachts in lengths between 12 to 30 meters.
For more information please contact Mr. G.J. Bilkert: +316-55974092 or Mr. M.G. Reissenweber +316-53646082