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Turnkey Underwater Repair Solutions


Hydrex offers turnkey underwater repair solutions to owners of offshore related units wherever and whenever they are needed. Hydrex’s large and multidisciplinary team will help you find the best solution for any problem encountered with your vessel or offshore unit below the water line. Hydrex immediately mobilizes its diver/technicians to any location around the globe to carry out necessary repair work without the need to drydock.

Hydrex has a long and successful track record of performing complex permanent underwater repairs to thrusters, propellers, rudders, stern tube seals and damaged or corroded hulls. In fact the company pioneered most of these more complex operations which once used to require drydocking but can now be carried out with the vessel or unit afloat. By creating drydock-like conditions around the affected area, its diver/technicians can carry out these operations on vessels in port or at anchor. This permits normal commercial activities to continue without disruption, eliminating the loss of time, production and income that drydocking entails, as well as saving the enormous expense of drydocking itself.

All the projects undertaken are engineered and carried out in close cooperation with the customer and any third party suppliers. They begin with evaluating the feasibility of an underwater repair, continue through design and construction of customized equipment and go all the way through to successful execution of the repair or replacement and subsequent follow-up. Hydrex takes on, organizes and executes the entire job, start to finish, relieving the customer of all the hassle of coordination, planning and supervision.

All Hydrex diver/technicians are trained and qualified to perform the full range of required class-approved repair procedures in even the harshest conditions. Hydrex has found that an effective, competent team is the only way to consistently achieve a high quality result.

Through an ever-expanding, worldwide network of offices, Hydrex can provide these start to finish solutions economically at any location. Headquartered in the Belgian port of Antwerp, we have offices in Tampa (U.S.A), Algeciras (Spain), Visakhapatnam (India), and Port Gentil (Gabon) with further service stations in Long Beach and Houston (U.S.A.) and Rotterdam (the Netherlands). And the list is growing as the demand for cost-effective localized services increases.

All Hydrex offices have fully operational fast response centers where an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment is available at all times for immediate deployment with our skilled diver/technician teams to wherever they are needed.