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HLAS – The worldwide operating 24/7 state of the art

Helios lubeoil provides service to the navy, marine, yachts and aviation industry in compliance with International recognised standards.

With HLAS helios you extend the life cycle of your machinery and reduce downtime and excessive wear. Effective monitoring of new and in use lube oil may increase the running hours and change intervals; and allows clear pictures of what is going on in your engines or hydraulic systems. Regular analysis of lubricants & oils provide evidence if there is any abnormal condition to worry about like percentage of remaining additives which are important for the effectiveness of the lubricants & oils, or eventual water or soot indicating trouble ahead or micro-parts of metal abrasion and many details more. All of this add to a lean system management and puts you in the position of receiving early warning s with opportunity to stop and fix before a large damage occurs. You have the choice and can actively steer & act instead of being badly surprised and in the passive role of reacting mode.

With HLAS helios they offer you the opportunity to actively extend the life cycle of your machinery and reduce downtime and excessive wear by frequent monitoring of your lubricants & oils with linked exchange when needed.

Every additional data gathered put you in the position of increasing your experience and ability to forecast your re-lube schedule. Keeping your lubes effective & and in good condition offers advantages such as reducing the carbon foot print by burning less fuel than with lubes of low effectiveness.

Oil samples may be taken by us or you using our inexpensive sampling kits. They can be easily ordered from us online or by phone. Just contact us.

The samples may be couriered or mailed to one of our nearest laboratories.

Internationally accepted test reports will be made available to you within few days. We provide you with the advantage of your personal account & log in to your files, having them all in one place, creating your own data history for easier comparison and analysis if required.

In case the lubeoil analysis shows unsatisfactory results, helios lubeoil is in the position to provide you with most kinds of lubricants to be shipped to various destinations along your route. Start today and be prepared for tomorrow.