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Tension & Winding Solutions: Ready For a Challenge

Sales Manager of the Netherlands-based Tension & Winding Solutions (TWS) Henk Bakker is up for a challenge. When he joined TWS’ promoter company Dromec he had worked as a project manager for a construction company that is active throughout the Netherlands and Germany. TWS is a rental company supplying the winches and tension machines that Dromec specialises in producing, which makes the new venture something of a new area for him.

Growing Potential

“At the beginning of 2014 Cees Drost, the Sales Director of Dromec, called me and said ‘I have a nice challenge for you.’ Of course, when someone says that to me, I’m interested. So, after that call we had some meetings to discuss the plans.”
It transpired that Dromec had the idea for an independent third-party to establish a rental company that could be supplied with their products.
“It wasn’t a sudden decision,” Mr Bakker explains. “Actually, they’d had the idea of such a business model in mind for a number of years and had seen the potential growing. The idea of getting someone else to lead on this was so that Dromec could remain free to cary on with its own core business offerings.”

Practical Development

The challenge for Mr Bakker was to start a brand-new organisation from scratch, within a dynamic and – to him at least – completely new range of industries. TWS offers for rental a range of tension machines and winches up to 20t. Mr Bakker says the development of such a broad product range was the result of practical research – which is still ongoing.
“The development of such a range  stemmed from my speaking to as many potential clients as possible, to identify their needs.”

Looking Forwards

The company’s clients are to be found in the lifting industry and throughout the maritime sectors – including the offshore industry. Mr Bakker is confident that their thorough preparation and broad product range, positions his company for success.
“Within the next 5 years, TWS will have established itself solidly on the rental market, with a wide range of services for our clients. A large variety of components combined with our expertise will ensure swift, customer-focused solutions.”