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Strategic Realignment for Liebherr Maritime Cranes

liebherr-maritime-cranes-rostock-plant-germany-72dpi[1]Liebherr Maritime Cranes has announced elements of its strategic realignment to further increase performance, focus on new growth areas and improve operational efficiency across their entire maritime portfolio. As of January 2016, design, sales and customer service for mobile harbour cranes, reachstackers, ship cranes as well as offshore cranes will operate out of their maritime production site in Rostock, Germany.

Centralized know-how in combination with direct sea access provides valuable advantages for customers. Essential maritime sales and technical resources in one location will speed decision making and increase productivity, providing a simplified customer experience.

Direct sea access is a key advantage of the Rostock factory. Cranes may be shipped in parts or even fully assembled. They can drive on barges for transport and immediate operation after arrival, which means cost-effective delivery to customers.

Established in 2002, Liebherr’s Rostock facility has been continuously growing and, due to steady investments, provides space for further growth in all areas, especially important for the development and manufacturing of new products like the LHM 800, the world’s largest mobile harbour crane.

Liebherr’s factories in Rostock, Killarney (Ireland), Nenzing (Austria) and Sunderland (United Kingdom) are organised as a production network. This allows for more flexibility in order to quickly adjust to varying market demands and ensures products are ready as fast as possible for operation.