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Zeeland Seaports will not increase port tariffs

Recently Zeeland Seaports announced its port tariffs for seagoing vessels will remain unchanged from 2015. In addition, a substantial 15% discount will be introduced on season tickets for inland shipping. This is just one component Zeeland Seaports offers to make the port more attractive to the market and also give businesses in the port some support during these early days of economic recovery.

Extra encouragement for inland shipping
Zeeland Seaports encourages inland shipping as a sustainable form of transport. With this in mind, the rates for season tickets by inland vessels which regularly call in the port, has been reduced by 15%. This measure is a way for Zeeland Seaports to reward its regular users. The tariff for non season-ticket holders increases slightly, by 2.5%.

Sustainability incentives remain in place in 2016
As in 2015, inland vessels with a Green Award environmental certificate are eligible for a 10% discount. This process has been streamlined as certificates no longer have to be submitted but will be retrieved digitally by Zeeland Seaports from the Green Award Register.

The discount for clean seagoing vessels, based on the Environmental Ship Index, will also be continued in 2016. This is part of the endeavour by Zeeland Seaports to make ocean shipping more sustainable. On the basis of this same principle, the decision was made to modify the relatively low tariffs for the collection of ships’ waste.

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