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Hydrex Opens Office in Rotterdam

thumb_a09cd5f9159e82461242a37d921cffebHydrex officially opened its new office in Rotterdam on the 1st of March with a purpose of improving delivery of services and underwater expertise to the maritime industry of Rotterdam.

To enable a fast mobilisation throughout the entire Rotterdam port without delaying a ship’s commercials operations, Hydrex dive support vessels will be stationed in Rotterdam. These workboats are fully equipped with hydraulic cranes, winches, a dive spread and control room. This allows Hydrex to offer simple maintenance operations as well as repairs on all parts of the underwater ship propulsion system and the hull. Hydrex operations are class approved and carried out alongside or at anchorage while commercial activities continue without disruption. Hydrex does this with qualified and experienced diver/technicians, state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques that create drydock-like conditions underwater.

Hydrex has been active in Rotterdam for over 40 years, and the new office is a result of growing demand for services in the area. An example of a recent operation in the port is the installation of a doubler plate over the cavitated area of the rudder of a 170-meter container vessel. This operation was performed during the ship’s scheduled maintenance stop.