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fDi Economic Hotspot in North-Holland Drives Further Commercial Growth

plechtig moment KooyhavenThe first sheet piling wall for the Kooyhaven business park was anchored under the watchful gaze of a select group of guests. The event represents the region of North-Holland and the Port of Den Helder’s anticipation of continued commercial activity and investment in one of the top economic areas in Europe.

The official ceremony was overseen by Jaap Bond (Provincial Executive for Noord-Holland), Jacoba Bolderheij (Managing Director of the Port of Den Helder), Theo Meskers (Alderman for Economic Affairs, Municipality of Hollands Kroon), Edwin Krijns (Alderman for Economic Affairs, Municipality of Den Helder) and Ronald Dirksen (representing the construction consortium).

The new Kooyhaven business park is expected to provide a strong boost for the region’s economy and is therefore strongly supported by the regional governing bodies and the provincial authority of North Holland. The park will provide facilities for businesses to establish themselves along the waterfront and develop activities that are directly related to the activities within the main port. Kooyhaven will be able to offer amenities to those companies involved in the Dutch Continental Shelf offshore energy supply chain requiring access to a port or waterfront. In addition, Kooyhaven is attractive to other sectors which can potentially benefit from the location and port facilities, such as yacht construction and agricultural materials. Kooyhaven is part of the continued expansion and development plans of the Port of Den Helder.

The Port of Den Helder Managing Director Jacoba Bolderheij: “This new business development area marks the next phase in our progressive development plan for our port as an offshore hub for the North Sea. Not only will this project boost the future economic development of the city, it will also have a favourable effect on the economy throughout the northern part of the province of Noord-Holland. The Port of Den Helder is delighted to be involved in developing this new area and we very much look forward to extending and strengthening our offshore position.”

In between commercial crossroads
The region already thrives as a successful catalyst for the offshore market and has set its sights on ambitious goals within the offshore wind energy sector. Furthermore, according to fDi’s annual year report, the region was rated number 15 in European economic hotspots. Companies will benefit from the efficient connections between the new harbour area and regional logistics infrastructure with Schiphol international airport and the city of Amsterdam each within an hours’ reach.

Alderman Krijns of the Municipality of Den Helder: “This business park provides facilities for international businesses and will make both Den Helder and the region more attractive to entrepreneurs. It is an important step forward and will have a major impact on our economy. There are nothing but opportunities on the horizon.”

Alderman Meskers of the Municipality of Hollands Kroon: “We can safely assume that the oil and gas industry will recover to a significant extent in the foreseeable future. In addition, the plans for offshore wind farms look increasingly viable. I am pleased to say that our region is fully prepared for these developments and that the Kooyhaven terrain offers excellent facilities for new businesses.”