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New Generation Curtain-Sided Container Shows Tougher Side

understructure transverseSamskip has committed to enhancing multimodal as a transport option by introducing the next generation of 45ft curtain-sided containers, after full trials of new units designed for enhanced endurance.

The 45ft curtain-sided container meets transportation needs where ease of side access for loading and discharging of goods is a must. However, its unique advantage – the curtain sidewall – can at times also be its weakness, as it is vulnerable to damage compared to a regular 45ft container.

Samskip has worked on improving curtain-sider specifications to achieve the twin goals of better reliability and lower repair costs. Over the last two years, two prototype curtain-sided containers, built in China, have been tested extensively across Samskip’s service network.

Enhanced features
The new curtain-sided container features improved damage-resistance, establishing further service reliability, through the following design enhancements:

  • New top rail – protecting the curtain rail from damages from top and side
  • New curtain-runners – top quality and able to resist very low temperatures
  • Stronger curtain by integrating reinforced belts
  • New type of ratchet (used to tighten and secure the curtain)
  • Additional lashing eyes inside and outside the container for better load securing

To date, 150 curtain-sided containers have been built. Samskip intends to phase out and replace older curtain-sided containers during the second half of 2016.