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Visedo Delivers Power for Hybrid Electric Trimarans

VekaVisedo has won the contract to help deliver power for the world’s first hybrid electric trimarans, built by the Netherlands-based VEKA Group.

Visedo, Finnish manufacturer of heavy duty electric drivetrains on land and sea, is currently developing hybrid electric propulsion systems for two new 33m-long trimarans to be completed in Q3 this year.

The vessels will be propelled by five water jets, three of which will be run by diesel engines and two outer jets driven by 605 kW Visedo electric generators – making these trimarans the first hybrids of their class.

Designed for Danish client World Marine Offshore, the offshore supply vessels will be capable of transporting 24 personnel and 20 tonnes of freight to offshore wind farms and drilling rigs. New innovations will ensure greater stability for the workboats to reduce the risk of passenger seasickness.

The ships will have lower windows for passengers to have a better view. The third bow is also designed for additional stability, which will be boosted by stabilisers built into the hull. Visedo is working with integration partner Werkina to ensure delivery of the propulsion system.

Pieter Dijkstra, Managing Director of Visedo’s Netherlands operations, commented:

“It’s great to be working with Werkina to develop this new propulsion system for what will be the world’s first hybrid electric trimarans for the VEKA Group.