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Van Beest Introduces Green Pin Super Screw Pin Shackles

G-4161 super screw pin shackleVan Beest introduces the Green Pin Super Screw Pin Shackle. The specific applications and user friendliness of Van Beest’s screw pin shackles are already well known from the Green Pin standard shackles. The new Green Pin Super Screw Pin Shackles offer the same benefits, and on top of that they are even easier to handle because of their reduced weight.

Green Pin Super Screw Pin Shackles are lightweight shackles that are useful for lifting jobs in which assembly and disassembly of the load occurs frequently. The grade 8 material of which the shackle is made ensures a higher WLL than a standard shackle of the same size. To reduce wear and increase the life span of counter components that rest on the pin (e.g. chain, wire and synthetic rope), the new shackle has a chamber in the shackle eye which hides the screw thread.

Like all Green Pin shackles, this new screw pin shackle can be recognised by the green coloured crown.