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Fresh Water System for Offshore Windfarm

Fresh water unit for unmanned platformsHatenboer-Water has completed delivery of a customised fresh water system for a leading construction company of offshore wind turbine platforms. The project included design and engineering work, construction and installation of a complete water treatment package. With this commission, Hatenboer-Water installed its first water treatment system in the unmanned platforms market.

Hatenboer-Waters’ fresh water system distributes water on site using a highly efficient two-step disinfection process from its tank to end users or industrial application. Sales Engineer Bart Friso explains: “It is an interesting project, since the platform is unmanned and therefore our clients have specific requirements in terms of fresh water. We managed to complete this project within an impressive time frame. The system was engineered, constructed, supplied and made operational within an eight-week period. This was even more challenging, considering its robust yet unusually compact frame.”

Unmanned offshore turbine platforms operate independently and require water supply for technical applications such as oil and water separation, deck cleaning and sanitary facilities, including the required emergency shower. The platform has recently been installed at its location in the windfarm in the German North Sea.