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New Battery Offers Huge Energy Reserves

Afbeelding1Carefree sailing and feeling as free as a bird. Relax and enjoy the unlimited use of all the facilities your boat has to offer plus the added bonus of using multiple appliances simultaneously; all this without having to take the onboard energy provision into account thanks to Super B’s latest lithium ion battery, the ‘Epsilon’. The new battery offers huge energy reserves, weighs substantially less and is easy to install.

Carefree travelling
What is worse than heading out on the water and continuously worrying about your battery? It’s not only annoying, it also limits you in your freedom. For carefree sailing Super-B developed the Epsilon SB12V1200Wh-M; a custom-made lithium battery. Thanks to a charging time of only one hour, you can head out on the water carefree and enjoy your freedom to the fullest.

Ease of use and optimum comfort
The Epsilon is very user friendly. Thanks to its light and ultra compact format, it fits in the space of a traditional lead battery but weighs about 20 kg less! It will continue to work, even under extreme temperatures, without any problems.