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New Land for Windfarms at Sea

The Port of Rotterdam has decided to create space for an offshore centre for wind energy at sea, decommissioning (the dismantling of oil and gas platforms) and the oil and gas market. To this end, a new port site of minimal thirty hectares and maximum seventy hectares is being created at the Prinses Alexiahaven on Maasvlakte 2. Multiple companies will be joining strengths to realise projects at the newly constructed port site, on a larger scale than ever before. The Port Authority expects the first companies to start operations in two years’ time. This development will strengthen and further improve the existing and highly diversified offshore cluster.

Rotterdam Offshore Center Maasvlakte 2 is the very first offshore centre in Europe. This realisation allows companies to cluster their activities and benefit from each other’s proximity. This synergy will be achieved through the site’s flexible use by multiple parties, active in a variety of sectors. When fully developed, the center covers 70ha of land and 1,600m of deep-sea quays, specifically built for the highest offshore requirements.