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The World’s First Digital Hydraulic Motor

The world’s first digital hydraulic motor Diinef has joined forces with Imenco Bauer Hydraulics to launch the world’s first digital high torque low speed hydraulic motor at Nor-Shipping 2017. Although it is a young and relatively small firm, Diinef believes its valve technology has the potential to transform maritime efficiency, turning high torque low speed motors into digital motors – enhancing power, reducing energy loss and increasing energy efficiency.

The new technology allows for simpler motor layout, significant cost reductions and enhanced monitoring, data sharing and overall control. Per Lindholt, CEO at Diinef, explains: “In layman’s terms you can say that the addition of the valve system is like equipping traditional motors with electronic injection. But there’s much more to it. Having complete control of when oil is let in and out of each cylinder enables control functions not previously seen in hydraulic motors. Being able to disconnect cylinders, makes it possible to change displacement and thereby control torque, speed or position, as well as enhancing energy efficiency. Additionally, this gives a range of features such as dynamic braking, hydraulic locking, freewheeling and reversing without the use of any extra valves. An extremely precise positioning is possible, within less than 0.25 degrees.”

The power output and power density can be doubled, and in some cases tripled, when compared to traditional solutions. The benefits are compelling enough to shift the balance between hydraulic and electric drives in favour of pure hydraulic solutions. “We see this as a game-changer for the maritime industry, with significant potential beyond that,” Mr Lindholt concludes.