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Kenz Cranes, as part of Kenz Figee Group, has provided numerous types of pedestal mounted offshore installations like ram luffing, boom hoist, knuckle boom cranes and walk to work gangways for fixed platforms, semi-submersibles, jack-ups and multipurpose vessels with loads ranging from 2.5t to 800t SWL.

Based on their profession in structural calculations, engineering and design, Kenz is a reliable partner for safe delivery and replacement of offshore cranes and access systems as well as design and manufacturing of standalone or integrated motion compensated lifting and hoisting equipment.

One of the features Kenz has developed for their active motion compensated gangways is the active bumper, which keeps the tip of the gangway stationary by compensating the vessel induced motions with slewing, luffing and telescoping due to the feedback of integrated earth fixed reference. Another unique feature is the integrated motion compensated hoisting function for offshore lifts up to 1t.

Due to extensive experience with tailor-made systems, Kenz can offer all products to any client’s specifications. Thanks to decades of experience and constant focus on innovation, this company has one of the best product and service portfolios in the industry.