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Ampelmann Celebrates Ten Years of Safe Offshore Transfers

Ampelmann A-typeAmpelmann is celebrating its ten-year anniversary. In a decade, this company has grown from a team of just four people to an organisation with a staff of 350, which services customers across the globe from offices in eight different countries.

SPE Offshore Europe 2017 was one of the events where the company reflected on its success with all attendees. With an impressive track record of over 3.6 million people transfers and 2.6 million kg of cargo transferred from ships to offshore structures in 200 individual projects, the Dutch company has truly revolutionised offshore access.

Ampelmann currently maintains a fleet of 60 operational systems used for transferring crews and cargo to offshore structures. These solutions are tailored to the needs of different market segments, sea states, cargo and crew loads, and are used by the key players in the global industry. Since its establishment in 2007, Ampelmann has experienced rapid growth, investing in new production facilities in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to keep up with demand. By 2011, the company’s innovative gangways were structurally used on a global scale, while the first international branch office was opened in Singapore in 2014.