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HMC Introduces New Fuel Efficiency Monitoring system

With stringent emission regulations on the horizon, the market is in need of a system which measures ship’s efficiency and gives an extra edge to fleet management. HMC in conjunction with Eefting Energy, is proud to present an intelligent tool which measures actual fuel consumption and generates a detailed overview for optimising engine and fleet performance while maintaining emissions compliance. With the introduction of the fuel efficiency monitoring system, HMC offers more control on ship’s performance by providing a state-of-the-art optimisation tool. The possibility to monitor the fuel consumption and the ship’s emissions are an integral part of this. At the office all vessels can be monitored on a well-designed, contemporary dashboard.

The systems are of a modular design and can measure data from main engines with associated propulsion trains and auxiliary equipment with varying energy outputs. Besides actual consumption and efficiencies, daily counters and separate voyage counters are available as well. A speed trial functionality for determining the propulsion and hull performance is provided too. Various dashboards, graphs and alarm settings complete the systems functionalities. The touch screen will give you an overview of the actual measurement, daily totals and averages and the voyage totals. All this data will lead to an increase in crew awareness for fuel consumption and efficiency.

The reports can be accessed by any computer on-board the vessel and integrated with the vessel’s ethernet. The measurements are displayed on a touch screen panel located at the navigation-desk and can be shared easily and in real-time to shore personnel. This feature can be used as an effective strategy and planning tool. The monitoring system provides the perfect fuel monitoring solution for ocean going ships, as well as offshore vessels and will make shipping more energy efficient. The system has a proven track-record of achieving cost savings of 10% and more.

The system can also be combined with HMC’s EcoTrim, which calculates the optimal trim for a vessel and is aimed at reducing fuel consumption. EcoTrim consists of a trim optimisation module for all types of vessels.