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A Masterpiece of Engine Design

SteyrAt Metstrade, Steyr Motors celebrated the premiere of the SEC 4-cylinder; the world’s first monoblock common rail marine engine series. The new cylinder marks a seminal step in the Steyr Motors engine family. This is the first time that an enhanced common rail injection system has been used for a monoblock marine engine, a development that boosts performance as well as efficiency, hereby reducing fuel emissions. With its new SEC 4-cylinder engine series, the company drives engineering advances in the marine sector. The essential benefits include the compact design, and power-to-weight ratio, but also the long service life and operational reliability of the monoblock engine. Also, by ensuring greater efficiency, smooth and quiet operation, as well as lower emissions, the common rail fuel injection technology will sustainably assert the engine’s market position.

Notable improvements on the efficiency of the combustion process – one major aspect of the development work to meet future emission regulations – will drive investment in common rail technology, simultaneously facilitating the current balancing act between power and emissions. On top of this, the new series impresses with service quality, ease of maintenance and advanced functionality. Moreover, based on a variety of options and system solutions, the engine can be designed to suit Steyr Motors customers’ individual requirements. The company from Steyr, Austria, is initially launching four different basic models of the SEC 4-cylinder engine series – from 59 to 129 kW. In future, IoT solutions, which the company is currently developing in the form of a new service tool, will also play a decisive role.