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Cooperation OOS International & Fanzhou

Cooperation Agreement OOS International - FanzhouOOS International is pleased to confirm that on the November 12, 2017, the company and Chinese offshore services company Jiangsu Fanzhou Shipping entered into a memorandum of understanding to form a strategic alliance for expanding global coverage of their vessels. This agreement was signed by Jiang Juejie, General Manager of Fanzhou, and Léon Overdulve, CEO of OOS International.

OOS International operates a fleet of heavy lift accommodation semi-submersibles, while Fanzhou offers a fleet of transport semi-submersibles, barges and marine vessels. Together, both companies intend to grow their international businesses. This collaboration enables Fanzhou to increase exposures in Europe, Americas and Mexico through OOS International’s established strong presence, and OOS International will be able to extend its presence in Asia through Fanzhou.

“We are extremely proud to partner with Fanzhou, known for their innovative portfolio of assets and experience, to bring valuable resources to the offshore field worldwide. This partnership will provide an attractive win-win business proposition for both companies, as it leverages on the strengths of each company,” says Overdulve. The cooperation agreement involves the exclusivity of two vessels for OOS International, a 50,000mt semi-submersible heavy lift vessel and a 20,000mt self-propelled barge (deck carrier), both currently under construction and to be delivered in 2018.