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Hybrid Solutions Introduced by Pon

Hybrid solutionsThe Pon Maritime companies Bakker Sliedrecht, Pon Power Bolier and EST-Floattech joined forces to introduce their new Marine Hybrid Solutions at the Europort international exhibition. With this concept, they offer a propulsion and energy solution that combines diesel engines, energy storage and systems integration.

A wide range of sectors are demanding ever-cleaner power and propulsion systems. Following recent trends in the automotive industry, the maritime sector has recognised that hybrid solutions are the trend of the future: diesel when necessary, fully electric when possible, and often a combination of the two.

As more and more people become aware of the need to reduce carbon emissions, and regulations become increasingly strict, hybrid propulsion provides a sound business case for the future. The benefits of a hybrid solution are manifold: it reduces operational expenses and emissions while improving overall performance. The collaboration among Pon’s maritime companies has resulted in a comprehensive solution that also offers a reliable partner for service and maintenance. By combining their efforts, they can deliver a highly integrated hybrid system for a wide range of ship types.

Bakker Sliedrecht contributes more than 90 years of experience in the field of system integration, while Pon Power and Bolier are respected partners for diesel engines, thanks to their experience in selling and servicing strong brands such as Caterpillar, MaK and EMD. EST Floattech has earned a reputation in the industry as a reliable supplier of safe energy storage systems that have proved their worth in electric and hybrid vessels.