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Introducing Oceanvolt Servoprop

OceanvoltOceanvolt has just announced the Oceanvolt ServoProp at Metstrade. The patented Oceanvolt ServoProp Variable Pitch Saildrive combines a high efficiency saildrive with the most powerful hydro generator on the market. A unique feature of the ServoProp is the option of turning the propeller blades more than 180 degrees.

The software-controlled variable pitch saildrive automatically adjusts the pitch of the propeller blades for an optimal power generation and power output. With its uniquely designed blades, it delivers the highest efficiency in forward, reverse and hydro generation. With the blades set to a neutral sailing position, the propeller creates an extremely low drag, similar to a feathering propeller.

The ServoProp generates more than twice the power of a normal fixed propeller (which does not have ideally shaped blades for regeneration) at a given boat speed. ServoProp is capable of generating more than 1 kW at 6-8 knots. The generated power can be used to power both the propulsion system and all electronics on board, without needing a separate generator. With this in mind, we can definitely start talking about the possibility of a fully self-sufficient cruiser.

The benefits of ServoProp include an estimated +30% increase in forward propulsion, +100% in reverse and +300% increase in hydro generation effect. The ServoProp is suitable as a propulsion motor for monohulls up to 50ft, and multihulls up to 60ft. It can also be used as a hydro generator in boats up to 100ft.