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Next Generation of Ship Automation

ship automationAt Europort, RH Marine introduced the next generation of Alarm, Monitoring and Control Systems (AMCS). The new Rhodium AMCS is the successor of the widely used UniMACS and FT NavVision automation systems. Being completely modular and scalable in terms of configuration and complexity, the future-ready Rhodium AMCS is just as suitable for large naval vessels or mega-yachts as it is for tenders or ferries.

By using a mesh network topology (providing multiple paths from sensor to workstation the data can follow), multi-server system architecture, embedded software and extremely rigorous testing, the Rhodium AMCS is a highly reliable and a durable foundation for your vessel’s automation. A wide range of data security measures guarantee the safe and secure operation of the automation system.

The modern vector-based graphic HMI allows for dynamic, interactive and intuitive interaction with the ship’s systems. The user needs a clear, unambiguous and easy way to inspect the system and all components connected to it. The Rhodium AMCS features a highly flexible Graphic User Interface. It features a large set of elements for use on viewers, each with their own strengths and intended purpose. The runtime configurable Rhodium AMCS saves valuable time during the commissioning and trial periods of a vessel.

The Rhodium AMCS is a modular and fully scalable automation solution to accommodate any vessel of any size. Rhodium AMCS is made up of a wide array of readily available hardware and software components. The exact configuration and combination of these components is uniquely tailored to the client’s specific needs. RH Marine will offer the solution in the defence, safety & security, yachts and special vessels market.

The Rhodium AMCS is available in four versions: Light, Basic, Full and Extended. Each version offers a specific set of functionalities and features, compliant to the applicable rules and regulations.