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Active Drive Gyroscope by GyroMarine

GyroMarineGyroMarine designs and produces gyroscopic stabilisers made for the marine industry, specialising in the megayachting, military and offshore sectors with application to ships with length exceeding 50m. Headquartered in Tuscany, Rosignano (Livorno, Italy), the company is part of an industrial group with decades of experience in mechanical design, engineering and production.

A passion for research and innovation drives the multidisciplinary, international GyroMarine team, overseeing every production phase in-house, from design to final testing. All activities are conducted with the support of the company’s industrial subsidiaries. The organisation benefits from a vast pool of expertise and experience, from marine product design to production and support activities for large offshore engineering and undersea projects, and from the chemical industry to the aerospace and energy sectors.

This multidisciplinary approach and capability is reflected in every activity – from design to production up to and including after-installation support services. Experience showed active drive was essential to effectively meet the stabilisation demands of large vessels. The solution is the innovative Active Drive new technology developed by GyroMarine. This ensures a level of comfort and safety unequalled by other available technologies. GyroMarine manufactures gyroscopes with stabilising capacities from 150,000Nms to 1,500,000Nms of angular momentum.

The GyroMarine Active Drive Gyroscope is designed and installed to guarantee optimal usability. The operator interface is intuitive and allows direct, continuous monitoring of all the variables of interest to the operator (energy consumed, temperature, roll and pitch measurements). Its simplicity is also reflected in the sophisticated, minimalist elegance of the device itself, that can be integrated seamlessly into the most prestigious naval architecture design projects. All these features make GyroMarine’s Active Drive Gyroscope the effective solution to the stabilisation demands of large vessels available in the marketplace.