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Becker Flap Rudders For Canal Barge Company

Tugboat Eugenie P. Jones of Canal Barge Company Inc. will be retrofitted with Becker Flap Rudders.Canal Barge Company Inc., headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, has ordered another retrofit with Becker Flap Rudders.

The US office of Becker Marine Systems announced that the 39m tugboat Eugenie P. Jones, built by the Dravo Corporation in 1975, will be retrofitted with the system. Eugenie P. Jones is a sister vessel of Susan L. Stall, which has been successfully running the Becker Flap Rudders since June 2014. Another set of Becker Flap Rudders was ordered for a third sister ship, Merrick Jones, to be outfitted with the same system in the first quarter of 2019.

Since its introduction to the inland shipping market in 2010, Becker Flap Rudders have been helping US towboat owners to improve fuel efficiency, maneuverability and save time on their long hauls. The increased maneuverability realised by the Becker Flap Rudders is particularly advantageous for the long-haul travels on the narrow and winding Mississippi River.

Becker Flap Rudder

The Becker Flap Rudder is the most popular rudder type worldwide and is derived from the first developments made by Becker’s company founder, Willi Becker. Becker’s unique design is now the standard for ship operators demanding manoeuvrability and efficiency. The high-performance rudder type offers an optimum balance and a flap area with the best combination of manoeuvrability and efficiency. The Becker Flap is suitable for refits and newbuildings wherever safety, manoeuvrability and efficiency play the leading role.