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Expediting – Investment in Profitability

IWT has made a name for itself by delivering highly professional services in the fields of industrial inspections and destructive and non-destructive material testing.In the industrial sector, for example the chemical industry, power plants, oil & gas and renewable energy, planning ahead is important in order to avoid costly and lengthy disruptions and downtime in plants. IWT has made a name for itself by delivering highly professional services in the fields of industrial inspections and destructive and non-destructive material testing.

IWT’s core competencies are in the areas of pressure equipment such as valves, heat exchangers and containers, steel construction and welding technology, for which a variety of different services are provided. Expediting has been increasingly in demand in recent years, because many companies have recognised that the early and consistent use of this service ensures both the quality and punctuality of suppliers, resulting in considerable cost savings. A supply shortage of a small, minor component can hinder or delay the commissioning or completion of an entire plant. Especially with large-scale projects, sudden delays in the delivery of individual components can have a considerable negative effect on the entire schedule, sometimes causing quality problems and usually involving high additional costs.

The specialists at IWT analyse the entire supply and manufacturing chain right from the start of the project to quickly identify potential bottlenecks or other potential problems and to work with the manufacturers to find solutions at an early stage. Especially in large-scale projects with a large number of suppliers in different countries, different delivery dates and different levels of importance of components, everything can quickly become quite confusing. Often, individual things come to the fore when a manufacturer gives warning of delays, which then, in most cases, do occur and often turn out to be the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

All the inspectors and expeditors at IWT undergo regular advanced training. In addition, they have specific approvals and qualifications such as Welding Engineer, ZFP Level 3 in accordance with ISO 9712 and SNT-TC1A in RT, UT, PT, LT, VT; Saudi Aramco Inspector, ASME Inspector and Frosio Level 3 Inspector, which ensures that the company’s expertise more than meets the demands of all complex and multi-layered tasks. Expediting ensures the proper and effective commissioning of plants and power plants. However, the services provided by IWT go far beyond that: The specialists have permanent access to a wide range of test equipment such as PMI, mobile hardness testing, holiday testing and a whole lot more and are thus also able to conduct quality assurance tests and inspections parallel to expediting. This all-in-one concept safeguards not only deadlines but also quality, and increases the efficiency of on-site visits while saving costs. The numerous successful large-scale projects throughout the world, for example in Egypt, where the expediting for industrial valves and many other components for three new power stations was successfully completed, speak for themselves.