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Monopile Sea-Fastening Solution

MonopileConbit has designed a new piece of equipment for optimising monopile installation. To avoid the huge amount of sea-fastening scrap remaining after each monopile installation project, the Conbit engineers came up with a solution: ‘Vickas’.

To reach the EU’s energy production objectives it is estimated that more than 6,000 new offshore wind turbines are required. At least six large projects per year need to be commissioned until 2022. Vickas enables safe seafastening of monopiles with a large variety of diameters, without changing the sea fastening configuration.

Vickas is designed to carry monopiles weighing up to 1,350t. This innovative solution is designed in such a way that it can be used on many different type of vessels and barges, it allows for stacking monopiles, facilitates skidding and critical components can easily be replaced. Its flexibility, cost effectiveness and operational speed make Vickas a valuable contribution to any monopile transport and installation project.

Joop de Fouw, Technical Director at Conbit, comments, “Conbit believes this system will bring cost benefits to the transport and installation contractor and ultimately to the offshore wind farm developer. Furthermore, the deck crew on the installation vessel will enjoy working with Vickas, because of its flexibility and efficiency.”