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Zollern Opens New Service Centre

Zollern's new International Service Centre for Gearboxes and Winches.Drive technology specialist Zollern has opened an international service centre in Herbertingen, Germany. The new site unites the company’s entire customer service departments for gearboxes and winches as well as the automation sector.

In the 4,000m² large hall, gearboxes and winches are serviced and repaired. The Herbertingen plant supplies spare parts to customers worldwide. Attached to the newly constructed hall is a modern office building, which serves customers from around the world. In addition, Zollern offers 24-hour technical support, 7 days a week. Thanks to the new capacity of the Zollern plant, future response and delivery times for spare parts will be reduced and there will be shorter turnaround times for repairs.

The service centre is also a training facility and customer training centre. At the Herbertingen site, Zollern develops and manufactures gearboxes and winches, predominantly for worldwide use in construction equipment, ship and port cranes as well as wind turbine generators. Zollern drive technology is the largest of the five business units of the Zollern group.