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Viega Seapress Simplifies Installation Work

With Viega Seapress, Viega Nederland offers a pipe system that was developed specifically for shipbuilding applications. The system accelerates and simplifies installation work on board ships.

Viega Seapress complies with high material requirements and can be installed easily, safely and quickly, thanks to the cold press technique. Pipelines are not connected by welding or groove, but with a press fitting and press machine. Lugging around gas bottles and fire-hazardous situations are no longer necessary. Depending on the size, between 30-70 percent of assembly time can be saved with Viega Seapress. A Seapress XL design is also available, allowing pipe installations in sizes 15 to 108 to be squeezed.

The fittings of the Seapress system consist of a copper-nickel-iron-alloy with a small amount of manganese added. This alloy meets the stringent requirements for seawater applications.

Viega Seapress is also part of the Viega system technique. This allows the system to be easily combined with other Viega systems on board ships and offshore installations. Moreover, Seapress is fitted with SC-Contur. This safety feature consists of a small channel in the seat of the fitting in which the sealing element is also located. When pressed, this channel distorts and becomes inextricably connected to the tube. The sealing element remains completely intact. The result is a safety feature that ensures that not-pressed fittings remain visible. Unnecessary damage is avoided in this way.

Viega Seapress has been recognised and approved for a wide range of applications: fire extinguishers, sprinkler installations, compressed air, lens and ballast systems and fuel and lubricant piping. Adapted to the wide application possibilities, the system is supplied in sizes 15 to 108.

The Viega Seapress fittings are provided with an EPDM sealing element. This allows the system to be deployed over a wide temperature range from-25 °C to 110 °C as well as to a maximum pressure of 16 bar. During the application, the sealing element can be easily replaced with a HNBR or FKM-sealing element.